TinyMCE Removes HTML Tags

How to prevent TinyMCE to strip (delete) some HTML tags and elements

TinyMCE Removes HTML Tags

Joomla's one of the core editors is TinyMCE and with Joomla 3.3 it's updated to the latest version. Nowadays more and more people start to use it.

You can easily edit and add basic HTML tags to your articles, modules and contents with TinyMCE editor.

But by default TinyMCE removes other HTML tags and elements from the article or module when you save it. Even if you click on the "Toggle Editor" button it still keeps removing those elements.

But you can easily change TinyMCE editor's configuration to prevent striping the tags you want to use.

First navigate to Extensions > Plugin Manager

Joomla Plugin Manager

You can filter editor plugins from the filter list located in the left sidebar of the page. So only editor plugins will be listed in the page. Then you can click on the TinyMCE editor to configure it.

TinyMCE Editor

In this page you can see all settings of the TinyMCE editor and change them as you wish. To allow some of the HTML tags in your contents you need to specify them in the Valid Elements text-area.

TinyMCE Valid Elements

For example, if you want to allow editor to save FontAwesome icons, you can copy/paste this:


And save the plugin. Now you can save FontAwesome icons in your contents.

You can learn more about from TinyMCE valid elements
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