Using Gmail to Send Mails in Joomla

Use Gmail SMTP to send emails in your Joomla website

Using Gmail to Send Mails in Joomla

Almost any Joomla website sends mails for different purposes but sometimes Joomla's default PHP mailing service may not work for you. In this article we are going to show you how to use an SMTP mail service in your Joomla site.

Your Joomla site sends mails to notify people on processes like user registration, forget password, forget username, contact form confirmation etc... Most of the time the default PHPMailer feature is enough for admins. But sometimes ypu may have problems with the emails sending out from your site. Or some of the servers (hosting services) do not support PHPMailer feature and force their users to use SMTP feature.

Joomla has a built-in SMTP mail handling feature so it's very easy to set it up. In this article we show you how to set SMTP service in your Joomla site with Gmail.

In this article we use Gmail as mail provider. If you want to use another provider (like Yahoo, Outlook etc) please read their documentation about SMTP since they may have different settings. If you use your own domain name please contact with your hosting provider to learn your SMTP preferences.

First of all make sure that you have a valid Gmail user accout. It can be a free Gmail account or Google Apps account.

Then navigate to your Joomla backend and click on the System menu > Global Configuration and click on the Server tab.

Server Mail Settings

And you will see Mail Settings section at the right bottom of the page. You need to fill that form to set your SMTP mail server.

Joomla Mail Settings

  1. Mailer: The first setting that you need to set is Mailer option. Choose SMTP from this option.
  2. From Email: You can type the name you want to display as sender. Generally you can type your email address. When your recepients reply your mail, this address will be used.
  3. From Name: The name you want to display in the mail as sender.
  4. SMTP Authentication: Choose Yes
  5. SMTP Security: Choose SSL
  6. SMTP Port: Type 465
  7. SMTP Username: Your gmail address
  8. SMTP Password: Your Gmail mail's password
  9. SMTP Host: Type

And now everything is ready to use Gmail as mail server for your Joomla site. Just save your configuration. Now it's better to test your site's mail functionality whether if it works.

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