Layout (Profile) Management

In this documentation we are going to share a detailed documentation of Layout profile management (located under Layouts tab) of the Warp 7 Framework powered templates.

You can create un-limited layouts from this setting by clicking Add button and when you choose a layout from the dropdown list, you can change options under Layouts tab only for that layout.

Warp Profile

Then you can assign only this layout to any menu items from the Assignment option.

Warp Profile Assignment

When you choose a layout other than the default one, you can see Rename and Remove buttons to manage your created layouts.

Thanks to Layout profile feature you can have different options and layout settings on different menu items.

For example we generally create a frontpage layout for our templates and assign this layout to the home menu item. And then we activate Hide system output option, thus component area is hidden only on the home page of the site.
Tuesday, 15 September 2015 Posted in Layout Settings